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    my lowly app



    my lowly app

    Post  Kashar on Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:41 am

    In-Game Name:

    AnthemRO Forum Name: Rune

    Character Class:
    Ka’shar champ
    Howard Alt Eisen` WS
    Aurgerus sin X
    Forge Cheyenne bio chem.
    Tear Aeos rouge
    Lord Gormph HW
    Ka’shar jr SG
    Link Skywalker SL

    Character Level:
    99/70 class champ
    99/70 WS
    93/59 sin X
    92/60 Biochemist.
    96/50 rouge
    90/ 56 HW
    94/33 SG
    62/34 SL

    Do you have efficient gear for WoE? (Yes, No, Decent gear. Optional Gear Listing):
    idk i will just list it /ok
    +4 TTT Suiken
    +4 DDT art
    +4 DBS Mjolnir
    +4 quadrille
    +10 DDTP MG
    +4 ice pick
    +10 quadruple dexterous rod and knife
    +4 survivor’s rod with drops
    +8 DDDx barrage fist still working on it
    +10 DDTP pike

    +4 blank Kaho
    +4 soul ring
    +4 wild bucket hat

    Dl sunglasses
    Gem stone sunglasses
    AWE of tempest
    Wild mini glasses

    +4 solidifying glittering jacket
    +4 unfreezing glittering jacket
    +4 freezing glittering jacket
    +4 deadly glittering jacket
    +4 GR glittering jacket
    +7 GR silk robe
    +4 iffirt silk robe
    +4 Aebeccee’s raging typhoon armor
    ++7 Deadly Odin’s blessing
    +7 poisoning coat

    +7 monsoon hood
    +7 ragamuffin manteau
    +4 skillful mantle
    +7 deviant hood
    +5 deviant valk mantle

    +4 sleipnir of doom
    +5 DL valk shoes
    +4 anti small sandals
    +4 sandals of serenity
    +4 bearer’s shoes
    +4 undead killer’s sandals

    2x supreme glove
    2x Roast scented clips
    2x kobold death loops
    2x crit ring
    Clip under cast

    +8 anti medium buckler
    +5 Guard of deaf
    +5 toad valk
    +5 maya valk
    +4 Enchanted peach tree guard
    2x sting brys

    I may have more stuff but im to tired to update my list.

    Guild History:
    Jade empire

    WoE Availability (You must be available for at least 1 WoE per week):
    right now i'm pulling 60+ hours a week, I SHOULD be able to woe every Saturday however.

    Do you have speakers: Yes

    Do you have a microphone: Yes a few

    Last but not least tell us about yourself/ why do you want to join Loyalty: I'm just some noob monk/champ, want to join cause its a fun guild, and RO sucks solo

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