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    Made a new application because I was bored. :D


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    Made a new application because I was bored. :D

    Post  xTodesengelx on Fri Jun 11, 2010 11:45 am

    In-Game Name:

    :Malakai Alexandre: - 99/65 - Lord Knight
    Malakai Alexandre - 9x/60 - Paladin
    .Malakai Alexandre. - 99/69 - High Priest
    .Malakai.Alexandre. - 99/69 - Whitesmith
    Malakai.Alexandre - 99/60 - High Wizard
    Chibi Malakai - 80/50 - Baby Knight
    :Krystalys Alexandre: - 95/50 - Knight
    .Krystalys.Alexandre. - 95/50 - Crusader
    ~Krystalys Alexandre~ - 70/50 - Blacksmith
    ~*Krystalys Alexandre*~ - 85/50 - Priest
    ~Earth Fire Wind Water~ - 55/20 - Sage (Endow Slave)
    ::Krystalys Alexandre:: - Soon to be a Wizard.

    AnthemRO Forum Name:


    Character Class:

    I love LKs, Pally, HP, and WS. Any of those. Smile

    Character Level:

    80s to 99

    Do you have efficient gear for WoE? (Yes, No, Decent gear. Optional Gear Listing):

    Yep. I have stuff.

    +4 Black Cat Kaho
    +4 DDT Nibelungen
    +4 Aegis Shield
    DI EWE
    +4 DL Valk Shoes
    +4 DL Sleips
    +8 Anti Medium Guard
    +4 GTB Guard (I should really unslot this and put it into a higher upped guard)
    +7 Devi Muffler
    +7 Ghost Coat
    +7 Immune Muffler
    +7 Eddga Shoes
    2x SR Clips (Want to upgrade to 2x Hell Poodle clips)
    Blazer Clip
    +10 DBSS Mace
    Mini Glasses of Gemstone
    +5 Serenity Shoes
    +5 Monsoon Muffler
    x2 Supreme Glove (Want to upgrade to Orleans Gloves for trans classes)
    +4 Dexterous Principles of Magic
    +5 Dexterous Survivor's Rod

    Guild History:

    From most recent to least

    Divine Einherjar (mine: run by my Paladin)
    Loyalty (still active Very Happy)
    Strawberry Jelly (mine: disbanded)
    Astrum (2nd one)
    Eternal Moon
    Heaven's Army
    The Unseen
    ShinRa Inc.
    Legions of Injustice
    The Gryphonwing Empire
    The Returners

    WoE Availability (You must be available for at least 1 WoE per week):

    I took a break from WoE for a while.

    Do you have speakers:


    Do you have a microphone:


    Last but not least tell us about yourself/ why do you want to join Loyalty:

    I love you all.
    Pinoy Cowboy

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    Re: Made a new application because I was bored. :D

    Post  Pinoy Cowboy on Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:15 pm

    I think I know you......



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