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    Post  Nelxor on Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:29 am


    Mandatory Information
    In-Game Name:
    Main: no one... has too much
    Prolly mainers

    • Nelxor
    • Sera.
    • ~Dark Sera~
    • Stuff you will recognize eventually

    AnthemRO Forum Name: Sera

    Character Class: All of them? mainly champs, high priests, sinxes, stalkers... wizards and sages.

    Character Level: can range from a nontrans 44 used to leech stuff... up to maxed 99/70 (case of 2 champs, 1 sinx and 1 hp)

    Do you have efficient gear for WoE? (Yes, No, Decent gear. Optional Gear Listing): if by that means that i can tank and/or kill in siege mode... yes.

    Guild History: lesseee first one poring army... stuff lead by a dude whose name was luffy... total phail.

    Then i joined sieg hell or seig hell i dont remember which is the nazi and which isnt... the name is the non nazi name >D. Had fun, had friends in there, and we all died in one shot, but it was fun... till the leader called out eventually.

    The untouchable guild later... got out because of only tagalog speak...
    I joined the mercenary guild, had some pals in there, and the leader, mooncalf, was fun.

    Enchanted souls nontrans came up... joined, then it was disbanded... and reemerged as bubble gang... joined them for a while.. left for the tagalog predominance.

    Then I think, (memory blurs now)I joined the No touch clan, lead by romeo stuff who even though a malassyan, tried to keep english all times which i liked, i stood there till the end. Then it became really annoying... joined Maha Vishnu, as it was the trans from bubble gang... still the tagalog predominance,I left lol. Then a friend called me to moonsomething (the guys who save in izlude xD)... my friend quit,I quited that guild and joined Deathrow... didn't enjoy the experience there to be honest. So rom and some pals from maha called me to MotE... then they said i had to do an aplication... and i said hell no... so i got accepted for testing, horrible no one came to the castle, was super boring >;. Joined Balam's nontrans guild red emblem... cant recall the name. Then... ??? then balam remade the nontrans guild to change leader... joined that it died within 3 weeksI think.

    Having no more Choice...I joined blue lightning... /sigh


    • Poring Army
    • Sieg hell
    • Untouchable
    • Mercenaries
    • Enchanted Souls
    • Bubble Gang
    • No Touch clan
    • Maha Vishnu
    • Moonsomething (guys who save in izlude)
    • Death Row
    • Mark of the Elite
    • Balam's nontrans guild lead by his knight: Balamcito
    • Balam's nontrans guild new guild to transfer leadership
    • Blue Lightning

    WoE Availability (You must be available for at least 1 WoE per week): mostly sats... and weds, every now and then.

    Do you have speakers: yeash.

    Do you have a microphone: Might be somewhere.

    Last but not least tell us about yourself/ why do you want to join Loyalty: why do i wanted to join? because kiyle told me so. Myself = i have too much chars... nuff said, i jump to much. im shy too x3
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    Re: Application

    Post  ` r a i n e. on Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:05 am

    HEH......Welcome again in Loyalty Sera

    And no worries im pinoy and the only one who speak tagalog well here but not anymore.... Very Happy


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    Re: Application

    Post  L o v e l e s S on Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:09 am

    Welcome aboard Sera?

    I am Filipino myself, but when it comes to this Game i kinda disagree with Language domination especially if it's a mixed race Guild.. I think that's why I didn't Join BG and Maha Vishnu heh

    I vote yes <3

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    Re: Application

    Post  Ra on Mon Nov 08, 2010 12:51 pm

    Welcome Bro, hopefully you'll like it here and u wont have to jump anymore Very Happy

    Get on vent sometime and enjoy the craziness that happens in Loyalty. Smile

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    Re: Application

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